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Case Study: New England Biolabs

Customer: New England Biolabs
Relocation Type: Life Science
Origin of Move: Beverly, MA
Destination of Move: Ipswich, MA
Square Footage: 140,000
Number of Employees: 310

Overview: This project involved the relocation of research laboratories, fermentation and production facilities, packaging and shipping equipment as well as business offices and an art gallery. Tobin & Sons Moving and Storage, Inc. relocated a large number of biological samples and artwork during this project. We fabricated customized crates, which housed fabricated cones, to ensure that the cylinders would not touch the top or bottom of the crate. Fabrication was handled in our own R&D crating shop. Samples were transported in multiple phases to ensure that experiments would not be interrupted. The entire laboratory and office were moved in conjunction with the other specialized moving services over a period of weeks.

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