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Storage Types

We offer five types of storage options, to best suit your needs.

Rack Storage: Ideal for Commercial needs, rack systems provide visually accessible storage of inventoried items for easy access to your goods. For the Residential customer, rack storage is a great option for oversized items such as pianos, sofas and rugs.

Vault Storage: Completely enclosed for additional security, our vault storage customers are provided with a detailed inventory of their stored goods, which are all safely wrapped in moving pads.

Self Storage: Our 5’x7’x7’ vaults allow customers to use their own lock and key. We can also provide packing materials through our retail outlet.

Record Retention Center: We offer an array of services for your record retention needs, including Inventory Services, Certified Shredding, Photocopying, Facsimile and Retrieval & Delivery.

Square Footage Storage: Open floor space storage is best suited for short-term customers who need to display goods to potential buyers.

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