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Specialized relocation jobs require specialized equipment, and experienced professionals trained in the operation of such equipment. Tobin & Sons owns all of their Specialized Handling Equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Library carts
  • Rol-a-lifts
  • Specialized equipment carts
  • Electronics carts
  • Environmentally-friendly crate and dollie systems
  • Appliance dollies
  • Walk boards
  • Carpet shield
  • Makita
  • Tools
  • Piano boards, straps and covers
  • Fork trucks
  • Ramp trucks
  • 4-wheel dollies

A complete list of handling equipment can be provided based on the specific requirements of your relocation challenge.

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Tobin scientific

Tobin Scientific is a division of Tobin & Sons Moving and Storage, Inc. which provides complete laboratory relocation services. Tobin Scientific is the nation’s only fully integrated, single-source provider of life science laboratory relocation, specializing in frozen biological and cryogenic transportation.

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